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Innovation leader

Co-Founder & President

Chiranjib Chaudhuri is an accomplished innovation leader, bringing a wealth of expertise in the dynamic fields of Deep Learning and Data Science. With a strong foundation built during his Ph.D. journey at IIT Kanpur, where he focused on research and development, Chaudhuri has emerged as a driving force in cutting-edge technologies and advanced programming languages such as Python and R. His proficiency extends to machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, consistently showcasing excellence in his leadership roles within the realm of research and development.

Founding AeroLine International Inc., Chaudhuri has ventured into the entrepreneurial arena, spearheading a forward-looking staffing, recruiting, and IT outsourcing company. His vision and innovative approach have fundamentally transformed the traditional recruitment landscape, introducing tech-driven solutions that align seamlessly with the demands of the modern job market. AeroLine International Inc. stands as a testament to Chaudhuri's ability to envision and execute strategies that leverage technology for greater efficiency and effectiveness in recruitment processes.

Chaudhuri's journey has been marked by numerous accolades and honors that underscore his unwavering commitment to excellence. His expansive expertise in scientific research, technology, and entrepreneurial leadership reflects his dedication to driving progress and innovation across multiple domains.